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EPM Manager & EPM Engineer (1 each)

From: Forewin Flex Limited Corporation     Views: 2116    AddDate: 2021-04-16
EPM project manager requirements: 
1.Bachelor's degree or above, circuit board industry design experience, and project management experience of more than 5-8 years.  
2.Familiar with HDI soft and hardboard and photoelectric module board.  
3.Have strong communication skills and Coordination ability.  
4.Understand the process and the ability to handle abnormal quality.  
5.Have the spirit of innovation, 6 Strong abilities to resist pressure.

EPM engineer requirements: 
1.Have more than 5 years of work experience related to FPC design or process.  
2. More than 5 years of experience in PCB or HDI board process and project management.  
3. Familiar with the HDI board process.  
4. Communication and strong coordination ability, a certain ability to produce reports.  
5. Can work under pressure.

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