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FPC MI Engineer & CAM Engineer (5 positions)
Requirement: 1. Have more than two years of work experience in FPC design. 2. Education: Bachelor degree or above, excellent English level 6. 3. Educational background: graduated from engineering majors, able to use software such as Auto Cad, Genesis G-flex……
EPM Manager & EPM Engineer (1 each)
Requirement: 1.Bachelor's degree or above, circuit board industry design experience, and project management experience of more than 5-8 years. 2.Familiar with HDI soft and hardboard and photoelectric module board.3.Have strong communication skills and Coordination ability……
CQE customer service engineer (3 positions)
Requirement: 1.Have more than two years of work experience in FPC or PCB; have experience corresponding to foreign customers.2.Education: a college degree or above, excellent English level 6 have working experience in producing shipping reports, approval letters, and other related materials……
PQE Engineer (3 positions for FPC & SMT)
Requirement: 1.More than 5 years of FPC/PCB-related work experience, more than 3 years of on-site quality inspection, and management practical experience. 2.Familiar with product structure, performance, mechanism, use method, and product manufacturing technology, processing technology, inspection methods, and inspection Standards……
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