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EHS Engineer (1 position)
Requirement: 1. Responsible for the daily management of safety, occupational health and fire protection and government connection; 2. Responsible for the identification of hazards, supervise and implement the management of major hazards, high risks, and major occupational hazards……
Market Legal Specialist (1 position)
Requirement: 1. Bachelor's degree or above, legal professional qualification certificate, work experience 2-5 years or more related legal experience is preferred.2. Possess a certain degree of professional knowledge related to……
Personnel Director (1 position)
Requirement: 1. According to the company's human resources strategy, be responsible for organizing the formulation and optimization of the company's human resources related management systems and procedures, and establishing and improving the human resources management system;2. Assist the company's decision-makers ……
SQE engineer (1 person)
Requirement: 1. Have more than 3 years of supplier management experience in large electronics companies,2. Familiar with the five tools and seven methods of Zhilian problem analysis, clear logical thinking3. Strong responsibility, principled, active, and proactive in work, able to bear pressure, etc……
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