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Test technicians & engineers (3 positions)
Requirement: 1. Have 3 years of experience in PCBA.FPCBA testing, understand PCB.FPC product structure and process, have PCB.FPC product analysis capabilities, know digital and analog circuits, and understand electrical schematic diagrams……
SMT technicians & engineers (3 positions)
Requirement: 1. Have 3-5 years of working experience in AOI &SPI (SMT), use and proficient in Telefon TRI 7007/7700 or Heli H510/LX5201L.2. Experience in FA trial production is preferred; AOI SPI equipment is increased, and those who need experience strengthen the ability of AOI SPI debugging and handling exceptions.
Process Engineer (8 positions)
Requirement: 1.College degree or above, CET-4 or above, 5 years of FPC work experience is preferred; 2.Be familiar with the abnormalities in each process, analyze them and give improvement countermeasures. 3.Proficiency in operating office software ……
Film cutting engineer & technician (5 positions)
Requirement: 1. College degree or above, FPC die-cutting experience is preferred. 2. Ability to design and typesetting independently, familiar with adhesive system, blue film application, and mold design.3. Proficient in film cutting processing and technological process.
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